Big Data and its Scarcity

I’ve been slowly getting more and more disturbed at the frequency in which words and thought get lost in a digital world. A pure fact of digital data is that […]

Self Exploration (day 1)

feet - ned tobin

This is a simple start. An exploration of myself and the vulnerabilities that come with it. These are my feet. Mens size 9.5 on the days I’m feeling long and […]

The Mycelian Ego

mycelia mushroom

I feel as though I know nothing, yet I’ve been learning about it for some time. Thy self. This is a journey as deep as any river flow, and as […]

Thoughts on an End Game


Tonight I took a drive down memory collecting images for a friend to use for her own promotions. Looking through my photographs over the past few years, I’m pretty happy […]

Art Has a Price

Today I sat down with a friend and mentor of mine and we got talking about… well, hustling. For me as a growing artist I’m learning the fine balance of […]

Sealed With A Handshake

As an artist, as a creative, there is only one direction you can take. Artists break norms. Artists don’t merely change colours, or change the clothes on the doll, or […]

Get It Signed

No matter how much you trust that verbal contract, it doesn’t mean jack. It means one time, a while ago, you were talking about something, but to be honest, forget […]

I’m an Artist

The lifestyle of an artist seems to be filled with fantasy; a wandering troubadour, guitar slung across his back as he hits the road, leaving behind another town filled with […]

Find You and Do It

What are you is a question that’s been spiraling around like the flu in November. Who are you? What makes you tick? What identifies you as a person? What makes […]

Is It Change?

I was thinking today, as I usually do. But today, as I walked with my dog up and over and around and back again along the snowy path behind the […]


First, the soundtrack to this blog: As an engineer, I know that to push, I must have friction to push against. I can not push something that does not resist. […]


I would like to take a moment to talk about documentation, because I believe it is an important thing to be aware of. First off. Document. Let me get my […]

What Has Social Media Become

I’ve been asking myself what is the point of Social Media [SM] a lot lately. Mostly because it’s becoming dizzying. Things that are beginning to urk me are reading about […]

At The Barbers

I just got my haircut. I think for most people this is an experience. It’s an exciting time where you expect to come out of the shop looking like a […]

Leaving Facebook?

Directly as a result of creating this new blog I’ve been thinking about why I’m doing this internet thing, and where my time is most effectively directed at. For the […]

… on Removing ‘de’

In a strategic move to stop confusing the hell out of people, I’ve decided [sub thought: maybe I should keep this entire blog as if I’m talking in the third […]