Self Exploration (day 27) – Energy

I believe we all have an energy about us. Most Eastern philosophies and beliefs focus on this: Thai massage, Raja-yoga, Buddhism, feng shui, qi… all concentrated on the flow of energy and it’s alignments. The Chakra system identifies these energy centers. Even magnetism and Newtons Law of Gravitational Attraction quantify these energies.

When I’m trying to understand energy and let it flow within me, I visualize the various vortexes of these energies flowing around me. Depending on how deep I want to go, any number can show up. This shows me my unique energy pattern. I try to be aware of it.

To me, being aware is the most beautiful part of the life. To me, it’s like waltz through the world.

You know that feeling when the first signs of a buzz kicks in and things are vibrating at a slightly different frequency? That stage where I feel I can drink till the cows come home? Imagine that with focus and clarity.

Some days this energy talks to me like a sweet lover. Other days my head is caught up in various matters and it’s sadly muted.

This type of energy as it flows through my being defines my character. After all, this is how I interact with the world. This is my specific flow. Others react to this the same as if I were to be singing or playing my old guitar.

In first year physics we’re made to do a magnetism test. The budding scientist takes a bunch of iron filings and lays them out evenly onto a flat surface. Then, taking a magnet, the scientist puts that magnet into the center of the iron filings. What happens is a visual display of the flux (magnetic energy flowing) around the magnet. It’s beautiful.

Ever met a magnetic human?


As humans, we are each magnetic in our own unique ways. We’re attracted to various types of magnetic people, and they affect us. This is explained in the principle that we are the sum of our five closest friends. Not only does their energy flow into us, but it affects us. If you take a neutral piece of metal and stroke it in a uniform direction for 10 minutes with a magnet, that neutral piece of metal will now be magnetic. And yes, it will stay charged for a while.

I can become aligned with the energies (people, places, forces, thoughts) I have around me!

To change, I must eradicate what’s holding me back if it’s not able to change with me.

A friend leading me in the wrong direction is a relatively straight forward process to take out of my life. Sure, it’s difficult and sometimes hurts.

Thoughts, they’re a different story. It’s hard to change the way I think.

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