Self Exploration (day 31) – Connected

I am trying to become more connected and I’m realizing this means disconnect.

I am learning that in connection I must be unceasing.

I think one of the biggest afflictions of our modern connected world is that we have FOMO = Fear of Missing Out. This explains why I get anxiety if I don’t check Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This is hyper-connection. It’s similar to being connected, but let me explain.

Hyper-connection feeds ego with filler that gives me a temporary feeling of connectedness – hyper-connectiveness instead of a connection of substantial value to both parties. Sure, hyper-connection gives us a little something to survive off of for a few hours or days, but the connection I’m talking about lasts weeks or months, maybe even a lifetime.

When I connect with a plant, for instance, I learn it’s nutritional value, it’s look, it’s smell, where it grows, how to keep it alive, and this lasts me for ever. When I eat food from a fast food restaurant, I have none of this. Computer programs. Humans. Astronomy. Tarot cards and crystals. All of these offer me a chance to fully connect.

They’re all necessary. We live in a world of many interactions. It’s my choice to pick what to connect with, and what to disconnect from.

If I could have a nickel for every online relationship I ever had that was entirely based on that mutual desire for hyper-connection, I’d be able to buy a whole pizza to share. Sure, these relationships are as real as any other relationship in that it’s mostly made up of truths and non-disclosures, but only a handful of them really end up being a true connection that breaks apart time.

I don’t think it really matters how many times I’ve had my heart wrinkled by a hyper-connected relationship with little hope of being connected. I often ask my self what purpose these have had in my life. Have I learned anything from them, or have I just had them all lead me to this place of an odds game: the more hyper-connections I have the more odds I’ll have finding connection.


Perhaps a handful of connected relationships is a handful more then most people have. I am very lucky to have even just one of these connected relationships.

I’ve read a study explaining humans are incapable of having more then a handful of people in their inner circle of friends who they can really connect with on a regular. Anybody know this number/factoid?

I have always felt that more is better, but I’m starting to understand that hyper-connection bring distraction and disconnects me from my vision. This inadvertently disconnects me from the people I’m trying to connect with. Yet the hyper-connections do themselves lead to some extraordinary connections I have, had, love, and cherish.

Do I have the luxury to choose? This challenges awareness and openness.

I read the Celestine Prophesies a few years ago, and the book did a really good job of reinforcing the fact that almost everybody that we meet has some type of lesson or knowledge that they can share with us to help us on our journey. I have a mission, you have your own mission, but true magic happens when we can find some connection of our true missions in a beautiful alchemy.

This is what I mean by connected. I want to always be open and aware of alchemy.

The most valuable lesson I’m learning is that I get what I put in. The only thing that is holding me back is my commitment and energy to unceasingly listen, be aware, and tell stories that matter.

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