Self Exploration (day 14) – Experimenting

You mean I am a conscious, intentional, learnable, flexible being with two arms, two legs, twenty phalanges, and how many senses? Damn rights I’m going to experiment.

I’m here to learn. The only way I see I can learn is through experimenting with my life.

I know I’ve made mistakes in the past, and I know I’ll make them again. I believe learning necessarily implies mistakes are made. And I’m not just saying this to be like Michael Jordan. I’ve fallen off my bike and sliced the back of my leg open. I’ve scored goals in my own net during important games, and forgot about it pretty quickly afterwards! I’ve missed the ball, tripped, skinned my knee, I’ve arrived home late, and said the wrong thing to a lover. Oh, there’s more.

A book that changed my thought process was Gandhi’s autobiography, Experiments With Truth.

I think it’s kind of self explanatory, but Gandhi felt his life was nothing but an experiment with truth. I find it so beautiful to have an outlook like this. Hypothesize, mix and stir, observe, and adjust as necessary.

As a scientist, I also approve of this.

Truly though, how do we know what fits us as humans without experimenting? I believe without experimenting, life is a rut. I’m not into ruts, never have been, never will be. Even the rut itself fascinates me. Can I play with the rut? Can I have one tire out, one tire in the rut? Can I hope fully out of the rut and then back into the rut?

Yes, I’ve fallen trying to do this before.

This self exploration project is my experiment. I know that for sure. I’m learning lots from it.

I’m learning I’m not really afraid to share what I believe is true. Most of the time I want you to tell me if my truth isn’t actual truth, if it conflicts with your truth. Experiments need external observers.

I frequently read things that makes me experiment by integrating that new knowledge that I’ve read into my own life. I am known to start off my sentences with “I was reading this article…” You can damn well bet this is followed by something that will cause you to think.

Thinking attracts me. I believe thinking is the stepping stone to growth and awareness.

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