A Journey To Divine

Yoga University - Ned Tobin - Paia Maui Haiku

A Journey To Divine was filmed during a month long 200 hour yoga teacher training immersion that took place near Haiku on Maui in Hawaii at Yoga University’s (fb, instagram) – a global yoga movement and experience led by yogis Allowah and Sufey.

This short film will take you through a transformational experience of twelve yogis, twelve sramanas exploring, connecting, sharing and learning the yogic practices and philosophies of Ashtanga yoga. Some call this path true love or the lifelong journey to divine. In Sanskrit they have a word for this.

marga: the way, the path, uncovering reality, the hunters path.

The value of creating this space of aligned focus has exponential returns for all involved. A community has the power to nurture both the good and the bad of life, which is where the concept of intentional community becomes very powerful.

Allowah & Sufey, the two guides on this beautiful journey, were instrumental in provided the space. We would typically spend over 14 hours a day in some form of yoga. The following are the paths of Ashtanga Yoga:

  • yama – ethical guidelines,
  • niyama – behaviors,
  • asana – physical practice,
  • pranayama – breathing life force,
  • pratyahara – detachment from ego,
  • dharana – meditation,
  • dhyana – meditation to god,
  • samadhi – peace, bliss, and happiness without end through the absorption of god.

There was a lot of fun too.


I’d love to hear what you think!

I have also created a photo series of this experience, found on my fotoblog.

If you’re interested in learning more about Yoga University, I’d be happy to talk about it, or head over to their site and see when their upcoming 200 or 300 hour teacher training and retreats are.

4 thoughts on “A Journey To Divine

  1. Awww dear Ned!

    Thanks for putting them all together and sharing with us! It certainly brought me back to those days of sweat, laughter, fun … oh… those peaceful days!

    Loved the music you chose, too! Can definitely feel your dramatic blood as an artist!

    Love it and thank you!


    1. Koko! So nice to hear your kind words and I am so happy little bits of our experience together was translated 🙂

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