It’s My Birthday, So Join These Petition Sites to Change the World

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I’ve decided this year for my birthday I’m going to encourage or hope, or even get so ornate as to demand people to sign up for the following petition sites.

The list that I’ve compiled only relate to me because I am a human, trying to be humane, on this planet I call earth. I am affiliated with them simply with my vote.

To give you an idea of the kind of petitions they regularly have on the sites, I’ve compiled a few examples of the latest petitions I’ve signed:

Just some of the goodness that I’ve signed in the last few days.

Here I am. Asking you to make a change to the world. Not necessarily with money, not with donations, with simply a few clicks, and a few keys.

The sites I suggest are:

That is all. Just those four. If any, just sign up for the first two. I find it easiest if I get the petitions delivered to my inbox. Then I can quickly read the petition, click a few buttons, and presto, I’ve signed the petition making a difference in the world. Most of the time the sites are so smart they remember me and all I have to do is click one button. Other times, I just enter my email and it knows what to do with the rest.

Do you have more sites you can suggest?

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