Self Exploration (day 22) – Spirituality

Spirituality is something I’ve been exploring passionately for a while now.

I used to think that religion and spirituality went hand in hand. Then I began the journey of Atheism as I worked myself into a frenzy consumed by this materialistic world; I joined the working force and began to enjoy society.

I began to identify with Paganism, with ritualistic mysticism that deeply honored the human in you or me.

Atheism itself always seemed like just another packaging to the same old cult.

I grew up Catholic and was baptized as one. I took first communion. I have at least two copies of the bible with my name on the inside and I attended bible study. Why did I do all of this though, what was the reason?

My memory is rather unclear as to what I was thinking at the time. I know prayer meant something. I think it was from prayer I learned the infinite energy that empathy and concern could provide.

I believe this positive energy is what the Catholic Church has tried to instill in us through mass, prayer, outlining sins, etc..

I understand organized religion gives us a set of guidelines and stories to connect with that tries to ensure we live the fullest most abundant life we can while remaining affectionate for our fellow humans. These are based on ideals outlined by wise translators before us. I consider these guidelines very good stepping stones to learn from along my journey. The more of the various strains I explore, the more tools I acquire to be the best human I can be.

I have never been able to get on board the belief that there is only one right god or set of principles. This is where my spirituality comes in.

I believe spirituality is the complete awareness of all energies in this world – whether they’ve been proven scientifically or else-wise. This means accepting infinite amounts of gods, deities, angels, archangels, martyrs, saints, demi-gods, Buddhas, … as well as respecting magnetism, radiation, well any source of energy.

In short, I believe it is only through full awareness that I can recognize how I am everything all at the same time. I believe that my existence in this world is as turbulent as the weather along the pacific northwest or Canada. I believe in my deepest moment of meditation I am the Buddha, and I believe in the next moment I am a saint smiling at the check-out clerk at the busy store a day before Christmas, and I believe a few seconds earlier I was the destroyer chopping down a beautiful Fir tree to hang plastic balls on to celebrate the coming of Santa Claus, or Frosty the Snowman.

For me, spirituality has been very natural in my quest for learning. I believe that knowledge is good for the soul. Most of all, I believe that through awareness we each slowly become more and more as one.

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