Get It Signed

No matter how much you trust that verbal contract, it doesn’t mean jack.

It means one time, a while ago, you were talking about something, but to be honest, forget exactly what that was….


Get it signed.

If you’re trying to push yourself into any industry as a professional, you need to write it up and get it signed.

Not only does this ensure both parties are on the same page through written demands and expectations, it also clearly outlines what will be considered a breach of contract that is punishable by law.

For example, an industry I’m pushing into is the photography industry. I make each one of my models sign a model release form before I photograph them. The release stipulates who retains copyright of the images, who can say what will be done with the images, where I may use the images, etc. It’s what I want and why I’m doing it, I make that known.

This isn’t a guessing game. I’m a professional. This makes us on the same page.

Now, as a model, there is nothing saying you cannot make stipulations yourself. Why don’t you write up your own contract requesting a certain number of photographs, a certain amount of time, to be credited always and notified prior…

The fact is that everybody is different, we all have different reasons for doing what we do – no matter when and where – especially when we engage in work volunteering our time.

Make your demands known, make them clear, and expect nothing more.

Get it signed.

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