I would like to take a moment to talk about documentation, because I believe it is an important thing to be aware of.

First off. Document.

Let me get my point across: Document what you do.

Let me explain: Document everything that you absolutely ever do, and date it and sign it with a kiss.

The art of documentation is a beautiful thing. We should be proud of the capacity that we have in today’s technology to be able to document so much, and so effectively what we do.

It makes it easier to keep records. You can store it in a databases, collect it as you so choose. Once you’ve collected it and archived it properly, it’s like bending your mind and imagining into any universe that you can imagine powerful.

What does documentation mean?

It means if you take a photograph, make sure the embedded time stamp is accurate. Make sure you put your copyright on it when you import it to Lightroom using the meta attributes. It means name it properly with a specific name or name the batch of files from a specific shoot with an easily recognizable name. You know, it wouldn’t even hurt to put your name in the photograph title.

This is the most you can do as a photographer.

As a consumer of images on the internet, you must also document! If you use a photograph on your website or blog, make sure you document who took the photograph. You can put it in the comments below it or even as a caption to the image. It also wouldn’t hurt to put a link to the authors website too!

Basically, lets make it easy for people in the future to figure out who took a photograph, who painted a picture, who created an interior, or who designed the dress in that picture.

This is important information for our future!

Make the internet smarter, lets not abuse this thing.

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