Diversity and the Power to Choose It


Art is evolution. Life is evolution. The pure fact that we are alive here in this world is a testament to the evolutionary process. Therefore, life is art. Dig?

To this end, I am in love. You see, though we each may be on a constant evolutionary path of our own, we are still propelled along a shared plane that makes us able to relate to one other. This slightly different trajectory is what makes us humans such an amazing species of diverse creatures.

Internet has probably single handedly amplified this fact more than anything else in the entire history of man kind. From our own personal computers we can record a video, mix a song, watch a biography on Yugoslavia, write a love poem, chat with our friends, find a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, find the address of the café we’re making a Facebook event at… The list goes on, and on, and on, and on.

I find for myself, this diversity makes us a bit confused; it’s the overwhelming feeling you get at a restaurant that has a menu 10 pages deep; it’s the anxiety you feel sitting in your hotel room of a new city you haven’t explored yet; it’s the dizzying feeling of an arcade; it’s the power of holding a plane ticket in your hand.

We are no longer simple humans. No, that term has been redefined. Simple now refers to white space existing in the chaos. Simple now refers to the Japanese style of decorating, not simply a lack of anything. We can’t put on clothes without getting defined into a category. Our faiths and beliefs get filed away based on an unspoken bigot scale.

Is any of this relevant any more?

Diversity is our power, not our enemy. Writing each other off based on their interests does nobody any good, but is it necessary?

In the end, I believe even this has a diverse answer: we each have this power and freedom to do as we wish. Myself? I choose to embrace it. I am so occupied with my own diversity that I take no interest in discarding or labeling somebody else based on their own free will. In fact, I embrace it. I embrace every facet of conversation with open arms, I embrace every passion like it’s my own because it is my own! My notepads are piled high with suggestions of some sort of another! If a friend chooses to share their diversity with me, I am all theirs.

Diversity makes us rich. Diversity makes us informed. Diversity makes us fight for a better tomorrow, and if diversity could, diversity would sing us to sleep at night.


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