Learning how to be a Successful Independent Creative

Most of us who are trying or are creative want to be successful at it. There are always obstacles to fight along the road, but there are always many people out there willing to tell us how to really be successful. Sometimes they know what they’re talking about, sometimes it’s just hot air, but I feel that the more one reads about it, the more one will be informed to make that decision for themselves when the time comes.

Here is an article written by Red Lemon Club on 7 Crucial Things That Will Save You as an Independent Creative Over the Coming Years.

A brand will attract people to you.

Focus daily on becoming extremely good at one thing and honing a distinct style in the process.

Those of you who don’t know how to bring prospects and previous clients to your brand, will struggle.

You are doing yourself and your business a massive disservice by letting your social network, both real world and online, go stagnant.

A business needs a proper financial structure and plan in place. Strong businesses are always financially literate.

You need to be striving for excellence more than ever, because excellence sells.

Caring about people, including your clients and customers will set you apart.

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