Panorama Images

A while ago a friend of mine in Germany was showing me the photographs he had taken while on a tour of the Alps, and wanted to stitch a few […]

My List of Very Good Movies

This is an attempt to record, alphabetically, movies I watch [yes this means it will be periodically updated], and completely enjoy.  Mostly to remind myself. 8 Mile [2002] directed by […]


Finding myself back in the folks house for a spell, I obviously raided their liquor cabinet. I found a bottle of sherry that looks like it was from the 70s […]

Beautiful Artist Studios

Just came across this Flavorwire article showing some of the most beautiful spaces/studios I’ve ever seen. I personally like the ones that are in the middle of nowhere, like the […]

Google Public Alerts

Super cool of Google to come out with a Public Alerts section to their website. Looking at the map, it looks like there has been about 10 earthquakes just in […]

Dessign WordPress Themes

Just found some of the most sexy wordpress themes I’ve ever seen from Dessign where Marios Lublinski changes the way you see WP. Some of them are free!. I suggest […]

Full Frame Collective

These beautiful folks at Full Frame Collective are making the cogs work. Get a hold of me if this makes you think too. Found them when Baron S. Cameron decided […]