Self Exploration (day 21) – Intention

Right now, my two favorite words are intention and awareness. I’ve talked about awareness already, and skirted around the topic of intention.

Intention is the underlying message of my Self Exploration project. Without awareness, I cannot live with intention. Without intention, I am not aware.

I feel very adamant that it is only through my insatiable desire for awareness that I am able to have intention.

In my mind, intention is the actionable results of understanding why I’m doing what I’m doing. Through awareness I’m trying to scrutinize my actions and behavior to align with my intention. My intention of course grows just as much as I grow as a human. If I learn something tomorrow I never knew today, that brings new light to my intention and I make the necessary changes.

Understanding my intention allows me to direct my efforts effectively to accomplish my goals. Plain and simple. No funny business.

To be clear, it is only through repeated observation and recognition I am able to slowly align my intention with my actions.

Each topic that I’ve been focusing on in my Self Exploration project has been outlining my awareness of that topic, and attempting to become more clear and transparent to myself about my intentions.

I think about this stuff, I really do. I believe one of the greatest gifts we’re given as humans is our power of thought. The clarity resulting in my ever growing awareness continually redefines my intentions. This redefinition of intention, this change in myself, is only achievable through thought. Continual, intentional, aware, deep thought.

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