Self Exploration (day 39) – Trust

Trust has got to be one of the hardest things in this world to fully realize. Trust in thy self, trust in others, trust in the path, trust in the nature of the world, trust in the world giving me only that which I can handle.

I think this is why religion has always had such a big place in society – it’s a guide on how to trust. Today I feel that in the place of religion, we now have spirituality. More and more people necessarily redefine the question of: “Are you religious?” to: “Are you spiritual?” with the same expectations as there have always been about religion.

Having faith in spirituality means that I trust that realm, I trust spirituality’s way of exposing life, and I submit to it.

But trust works on so many levels that I find it hard to really comprehend. When I bend over, I inherently trust that my muscles in my back will help me get back upright. Have you ever had a moment where your muscles just didn’t want to respond and you tried to get back up but nothing really responded? I have. It’s confusing maximus when the trust in my body is questioned.

I trust drivers to stay in their lanes. I trust order while standing in the check-out line at the grocer, and I first trusted food to be there. I trust the sun to follow the moon. I trust in dharma, where my good actions will create ripple effects of goodness in the world. I trust the words that I’m using have the same meaning to you as they do me. I trust there will be water in my taps, my alarm clock will wake me up, there will be electricity in the wall, and the government will make decisions with my best interest.

My point is trust is everywhere. The society that you and I live in wouldn’t be possible without trust. But just how far do I take my trust, how far do I let my assumptions in trust lead me in my day to day life? Should I be aware of this decision I make?


I feel it’s with the full understanding of assumptions I’m taking with trust that I will begin to really understand how the world works, this helps me make good decisions. Perhaps this is the scientific mind in me, being ever inquisitive in truth, and believing that truth will gain my trust.

Recently, I’ve been reminding myself of the wisdom: don’t ask questions you don’t want answers to. It’s perplexing, because what answer could I not want to have? I know this is naive to think, and I trust that those answers that I seek will not serve me.

I’m becoming comfortable with belief, faith, trust.

Maybe this is ignorance, maybe this is naivety, but I trust I ask the right questions when they need to be asked.

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