Self Exploration (day 24) – After This Life


I believe in soul, not just a single soul. I believe in an energy and memories that aren’t necessarily our own, that co-mingle.

Phenomenons exist where revelations simultaneously occur collectively.
Scientists on opposite parts of the world, working in secure labs, will be working on similar experiments for years. Within a few months of each other they’ll have the same breakthrough, in complete isolation of each other.

Flowers on opposite sides of the world suddenly transmutate in a similar way. Multi-generational migratory patterns. Deja-vu. Recognition.

Maybe it’s a far leap, but this tells me some part of you live in me, both now – in this lifetime through the memories we’ve shared, and indefinitely forwards and backwards in time. This means that the way we see and comprehend time is irrelevant. Like bicycling, it’s easier to go forward but not impossible to go backwards.

I understand the ideal state of Buddha can only be reached after living many lifetimes. This means it’s an ideal state we should look to for guidance, but perhaps not something that can be achieved in it’s entirety in this lifetime. This shouldn’t make a person give up the good we live in this world.

This is where dharma comes in. How I live and treat others creates a magnet for the energies around me, except this magnet works where like attracts like. This same attraction translates both forwards and backwards through my memories, my soul.

Knowing this, I must follow my path of truth, awareness, respect, patience, qi, trust, instinct…

I believe challenges I face in this lifetime are because I haven’t learned them yet. I’ve not learned from previous experiences, or I opened a new door that put a new spin on things.

There’s no lying here, it would only be to myself. And yes, my fear will continue to show up.

Imagine for a moment with me: if you knew that everything you learn today will forever be with you, superseding life and death, what truth would you stop at?

My answer is none.

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