This is the First Post Explaining Things

In the wee hours of the night some moons ago I decided that I still didn’t have enough outlets for my imagination. Upon this revelation I’ve decided to create a real, true, authentic blog.

This is it. This is me. I hope you enjoy the show.

Lots of things flowering in my head these days: ideas, concepts, projects, locations, the future, the inevitable, the conquerable. Perhaps this is just blithe banter, but the truth remains that last night I had no interest in sleeping on account of the excitement welling up deep inside.

I intend this blog to focus on things that are flowing through my head that I have no current outlet to share. I want this to be something that connects all of my other endeavors in a moment of enlightenment [or few moments depending on the article size].

I will post articles I’ve read, videos that are inspiring me, rants or thoughts on decisions and changes I am making in my life, all as they come. It is more as a archive for myself, to look back and remember what has happened or was happening. I will fight hard at keeping it relevant and potent, rather than… blithe banter.  I am not really a controversial man, but I intend this blog to be illuminating. I will voice my opinion, and share facts of life I have learned. I will also use it to share some insight into some projects I am working on, hopefully not giving away to much of the surprise but giving rise to excitement.

Thank you for coming here. You may now continue.


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