Thoughts on an End Game


Tonight I took a drive down memory collecting images for a friend to use for her own promotions. Looking through my photographs over the past few years, I’m pretty happy […]

Art Has a Price

Today I sat down with a friend and mentor of mine and we got talking about… well, hustling. For me as a growing artist I’m learning the fine balance of […]

I’m an Artist

The lifestyle of an artist seems to be filled with fantasy; a wandering troubadour, guitar slung across his back as he hits the road, leaving behind another town filled with […]


First, the soundtrack to this blog: As an engineer, I know that to push, I must have friction to push against. I can not push something that does not resist. […]

Beautiful Artist Studios

Just came across this Flavorwire article showing some of the most beautiful spaces/studios I’ve ever seen. I personally like the ones that are in the middle of nowhere, like the […]