Art Has a Price

Today I sat down with a friend and mentor of mine and we got talking about… well, hustling. For me as a growing artist I’m learning the fine balance of […]

AIR @ Seymour Art Gallery

From Jan 1 – 31, 2014 1/3 of the Vancouver Skyline triptych was in Seymour Art Galleries AIR exhibit, as part of their Exposure yearly series to feature up and […]

Sealed With A Handshake

As an artist, as a creative, there is only one direction you can take. Artists break norms. Artists don’t merely change colours, or change the clothes on the doll, or […]

I’m an Artist

The lifestyle of an artist seems to be filled with fantasy; a wandering troubadour, guitar slung across his back as he hits the road, leaving behind another town filled with […]